About Us


Sam Adegbonmire Company, an establishment that specializes in the production, buying and sales of agro-allied products with the sole dream to be the number one supplier of quality agro-allied products across the globe, where buyers and sellers get to trade with maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be the leading Agro-Allied Services organization provider that is contributing to the improvement of sales, purchasing and consultancy services on all Agro-Allied Products in West Africa.

Our Mission

The leading organization that initiates, designs, supervises, executes and maintains investment infrastructure to ensure high quality standards and service delivery across the globe.

Economic Viability

The vertical start-up of the company will spur a continuous but effective business activities and provide direct and indirect employment through increase in production, marketing and distribution channel, thereby maximize the usage of available infrastructures.


  • To provide an unparalleled service to our customers locally and internationally through producing, buying and selling of Agro-Allied products at a highly competitive price
  • To establish a vertical start-up Agro-Allied business relationship between our company and our business partners all over the world where the need for these products is on the high


  1. Quality: To ensure only high quality standards of service and products deliveries at all times.
  2. Excellence: To ensure consistent application of diligence, perseverance, good work ethics, build capacity and capabilities through knowledge management, continuous learning, mentoring and coaching as well as remain flexible and open to all possibilities.
  3. Reliability: To be deeply committed and follow through all our commitments as well as be prompt and responsive in our business dealings.
  4. Fairness: To ensure reasonability, open mindedness, impartiality, sincerity and tolerance in all our dealings and considerations regardless of status and inclinations.


The Sam Adegbonmire Company is a company currently at its incipient, developing so much human and capital capabilities at the same time to give a satisfying offer of value to customers and business partners alike.

Contact Us:  +2348130305355

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